Practitioner Training Services


Through numerous interviews with medical practitioners, we have learned why there is such separation between chiropractors and medical care providers. The most common reasons appear to be that:

  1. Most medical practioners are unfamiliar with the scope of chiropractic practice.
  2. There is great variation among chiropractors and no way to predict what treatments will be provided to patients.
  3. Most have never met or spoken with a chiropractor.

We are working to build bridges between the professions. Through grass-roots efforts, we meet with community medical practitioners to educate them about chiropractic treatment and how our collaborative efforts can best benefit the patients we serve. We provide them an opportunity to ask any questions and discuss patient care. How can this be accomplished?

  • In-Services
  • Educational lectures
  • Office introductory brochures and materials
  • Medical newsletters

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