How We Help Medical Practices

We love to partner with medical practitioners and our medical practitioner friends love to partner with us. Medical practitioners love referring to us for many reasons and here are a few of the most common reasons: 


Most medical practitioners are unfamiliar with the scope of chiropractic care and would prefer to refer to a skeletal specialist like a chiropractor.

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Understanding musculoskeletal needs, especially after a sports or car injury, is the role of a chiropractor and why Olympians choose to work with a personal chiropractor too.


Post-injury chiropractic care and physical therapy are the fastest ways for a patient to regain full range of motion and strength. 

If you would like to refer your patients to us, we’d love to meet with you and answer your questions and showcase our award-winning methods for improved patient outcomes through education and better adherence to care plans.

Here are a few ways we educate the medical community


Educational lectures

Office introductory brochures and materials

Medical newsletters

If you would like us to send you an introductory package explaining our services, please complete the following request form.

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