Dear Dr. Gregory Doerr,

I just want to write to you to update you on my progress and condition. I have not been in to see you over the Thanksgiving holiday as you may well imagine due to family commitments and work schedule. However I would like to report to you that I have been experiencing a rather remarkable Improvement in my ankle’s condition. What has been going on for one year and one month since my sports injury impact surprisingly is now decidedly resolving itself.  Over time I have been gradually training using walking techniques on flat and incline surfaces using sub jog strides. Now I  can come up to a moving speed of 4.5 to 5 mph for to 45 and 60 minute durations on treadmill!! Even as the orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists I have seen over this year had cautioned me that without proper surgery repair I would not be able to go back to running I had persevered and now have the beginnings to do so without undergoing it. I was more than half expecting to suffer a relapse after these jogging episodes but no such thing happened to my joy and delight .  What really amazes me is that this marked improvement has come on the heels of your particular treatment plan working the bottoms of my feet using your deep myofacial techniques.

This appears to be the main catalyst in this dramatic improvement. The pain and discomfort going through that regimen has proved more than well worth it. The effect of your procedure appears to have worked its way up to my ankle to stimulate more rapid healing which was apparently stalled and locked from its natural progression.

So on this Thanksgiving holiday week my real thanks goes to you my friend. For helping me in resolving a major problem that was a perpetual cloud over my head.

See you soon..

Marty Hubert

Cliffside Park, NJ

“The doctors take the extra time to get to know you as a person and not just a patient. They are kind and work collaboratively with you to achieve the best results. Kathie, Robin and Ryan are always ready and willing to help and accommodate. Excellent practice all around. I recommend highly.”

Phyllis F

River Edge, NJ

“Prior to my appointment with Dr. Doerr, I could barely walk, sit, sleep, etc. Getting in and out of the car was torture. Dr. Doerr diagnosed my problem and his special technique has eliminated the swelling and pain. I am able to do all of my activities, thanks to Dr. Doerr. Dr. Doerr is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and friendly. He is always concerned how you are feeling and puts you at ease. I would like to mention, his staff is professional and courteous.”


“Dr. Doerr helped me tremendously. He is knowledgeable, highly skilled and compassionate. Totally recommend!”


Aventura, FL

“Dr. Doerr is amazing! The staff is very caring and proficient! I’ve been a patient of Dr. Doerr’s since he first got his license.”


“As far as chiropractors go they are the best. Cathy is great with appointments and Ryan is great with the physical therapy. Dr. Tim and Dr. Doer are the best in my book! I recommend them to everyone I see!”

Kelly L

Cliffside Park, NJ

“I recently had an appt with Dr. Doerr. As always, I was greeted by your staff upon my arrival. After a brief time, I entered a room where Dr. Doerr adjusted me. My adjustment went well and my pain levels decreased. Thank you all for the wonderful care you have always provided!”

Anne F.

Ridgefield Park, NJ

“As always, Dr. Doerr took the time to really listen and determine exactly what was going on to cause my discomfort and pain. Most importantly, I always leave there feeling much better, and have less discomfort than when I came in. Both he and his staff are professional, courteous and friendly. I feel that I am in good hands from start to finish. Thank you for such a positive experience.”

Eleanor R

West New York, NJ

“Bergen Chiropractic is comprised of highly talented individuals, offering exceptional services, and highly effective therapies for a wide range of problems. Everyone is warm and friendly, and it is always enjoyable to visit. Both, my wife and I have had treatment there for a wide variety of issues, and have consistently experienced good results. We truly feel very fortunate to be in the hands of such competent professionals.”

Alan B.

Jersey City, NJ

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