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Chiropractors are evidence-based specialists in musculoskeletal and nervous system treatments. They use hands-on, non-invasive processes to manipulate body parts to relieve pains and inflammations. However, different chiropractors use different techniques with their patients. The chiropractic field is an alternative to the conventional medical process, and many practitioners have varying beliefs, philosophies, and approaches to treatment. As a patient, understanding what makes a chiropractor different will help you choose the best.


What Should I Look for When Choosing a Chiropractor? 

The chiropractic’s hands-on nature and the peculiarities in technique preferences create the need for comfort and close rapport between patient and chiropractor. Unfortunately, this leaves the patient in a tough place when looking for top-rated chiropractors around. Therefore, we decided to jump to the rescue and give you a few constructive tips and advice on how to get a top-rated chiropractor near you. 


Seek Recommendations from Experts

Recommendations or referrals are an excellent starting point in looking for the best chiropractor, especially if this is your first time seeking chiropractic services. Health writers advise patients to start by asking their primary care providers, therapists, or spine specialists for recommendations for trusted and competent chiropractors. In this case, the relationship between the medical professionals and the recommended chiropractor is essential. Recommendations could also come from family, friends, and colleagues, especially those who have used the services of a chiropractor. Finally, collect and consider all the recommendations based on your specific needs.

It is advisable to pay attention to how many times particular chiropractors are recommended. The more they are recommended, the more reliable they are. Very closely related to this is the need to check out a few reviews/testimonies from patients. You can gain more insights on what to expect by reading the experiences of others. You would typically find reviews on different aspects of patient experience—fixing appointments, waiting time, the facility’s environment, the receptiveness of staff members, cost, satisfaction, etc. Even though reviews can be tricky sometimes, they are a good source for corroborating what you have from recommendations.   


Research Credentials Carefully

Patients need to verify the educational qualifications and licensing of the chiropractors. It would help if you were sure there are no track records of malpractices, quackery, or other disciplinary or criminal cases. Typically, you have to look out for their undergraduate and postgraduate qualification and specialty. Before a chiropractor receives his certification, he must complete the stages listed below: 

  • 4 years of chiropractic training, including 2 years studying basic sciences followed by the completion of the National Boards, Part 1. After the National Boards, Part 1 completion, intending chiropractors must undergo 2 years training in clinical sciences.
  • This should then be followed by the successful completion of the National Boards, Part 2.
  • For chiropractors that want to explore physiological therapeutics, they must complete the National Boards, Part 3.
  • Successful completion of the National Boards, Part 4. 


Additional Background Checks 

Beyond verifying qualifications, examine issues like the chiropractor’s clinic process, how open-minded and expressive they are, and their willingness to work with other healthcare professionals. 


Ask for an Interview

You probably have a list of referrals or recommendations and your background checks on credentials. Asking for an interview would help you slim down your list as you close into your best choice. The next step will be reaching out (call, email, or text) to each chiropractor, checking if they are currently fully booked or can accommodate new patients at the period. The response determines if you would proceed with an appointment to consult or interview the chiropractor. 


Interviewing a Chiropractor

It is essential to learn as much as you can about a chiropractor. This time, in-person consultation or a telephone interview would suffice. The interview will help you understand the chiropractor, their facility, philosophy, and techniques. By now, you are better positioned to decide if they are the best chiropractor for you. It would help if you asked about the chiropractor’s experience. Questions like years in practice, verifiable success stories, and proven expertise in your area of need are indispensable touchpoints the chiropractor must address. 

Many people consider comfort, flexibility, and excellent rapport with clients as decisive determinants of a chiropractor’s ability. Are you okay with the communication style? Do you have a particular gender or age preference? Do you look forward to the possibility of using telehealth? Remember, the choice is yours, and you are not obligated to hire a chiropractor after an interview. You may interview several chiropractors until you find the perfect one.


Confirm Charges

It would be best if you considered the cost implications of the service. Factors to consider when determining cost implications include: 

  • Consultation costs
  • The availability of free consultations
  • Availability of affordable options
  • Insurance coverage 
  • The facility’s payment policies

Confirming these details saves you a lot of stress and prevents borrowing or suspension of treatment due to financial reasons. 


Watch out for Possible Red Flags

Red flags include: 

  • The chiropractor recommends the same treatment for almost all cases. 
  • They claim to use techniques known only to them.
  • Proposes solutions on issues outside their expertise. 
  • Has no metric for determining the progress of the client’s health. 


We’re Looking Forward to Helping You at Our Chiropractic Offices in NJ!

In your selection process, jot down your observations – or make a mental note of everything you see. Always remember that your needs come first, and the chiropractor’s feelings are second; hence, do not be afraid to say no. Interview as many chiropractors as you can until you meet one that ticks all the essential boxes.

At the Bergen Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation Center, our chiropractic team, led by Dr. Gregory Doerr, follows the highest and most professional medical standards to provide superior chiropractic help. After all, our mission is to provide unparalleled patient care and services in a comfortable healing atmosphere. Contact us to learn more about our chiropractic services! Our chiropractic offices in Cliffside Park, NJ, and Hackensack, NJ, are ready to welcome you! 




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