What is the Chiropractic Webster Technique?

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The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that reduces interference to the nervous system and balances out pelvic muscles and ligaments, improving birth outcomes.

Dr. Gregory Doerr from Bergen Chiropractic has gone through the whole nine yards and earned a certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) to perform the Webster technique. This way, you know you’re in good hands!

So, let’s dive in, explore this technique, and find out how it can help make your pregnancy journey smoother and more comfortable!

What is the Webster Technique?

The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that can be a real boon for women seeking a more comfortable pregnancy and a smoother birth process. It focuses on reducing the interference in the nervous system, with a cool side effect — it helps to align the pelvis, a game-changer during pregnancy!

What is the History of the Webster Technique?

It all started with Dr. Larry Webster, a legend in the chiropractic world. Not only was he a successful chiropractor himself, but he also founded the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), which is dedicated to the chiropractic family wellness lifestyle.

The Webster technique was inspired by Dr. Webster’s own daughter, who had had a difficult birth. Being a devoted dad and chiropractor, Dr. Webster thought of a better way to help pregnant women have a smoother birthing experience.

The technique was initially known as the “Webster’s In-Utero Constraint Technique” or “Webster’s Breech Turning Technique”. It was an innovative approach designed to help pregnant women whose babies were in a breech position, not ideally positioned for birth. 

The goal was to balance the pelvis and reduce stress on the uterus and the supporting ligaments, thereby creating a more conducive environment for a baby to turn head-down naturally.

Over the years, however, understanding of the Webster technique evolved. The chiropractic community came to realize that the technique isn’t just about turning breech babies; it’s about creating optimal balance in the pelvis, which is beneficial for all pregnant women, regardless of the baby’s position.

How Does the Webster Technique Help Pregnant Women?

The Webster technique zeroes in on the sacrum (that is, a large, triangular bone at the base of your spine) and the sacroiliac joint, which connects your sacrum to your pelvis. Chiropractors use gentle force to adjust the joint, reducing nervous system dysfunction and improving pelvic balance.

But it’s not just about the bones; it also involves soft tissue work. The chiropractor will use this technique to assess and relieve tightness in the round ligaments. These ligaments connect the uterus to the pelvic structure. When tight or twisted, they can contribute to a misaligned pelvis.

Does the Webster Technique Help With Breech Babies?

Breech births are the area where the Webster technique really shines. By helping to correct the mother’s pelvic alignment and reducing undue stress on the uterus and supporting ligaments, the baby is given the space it needs to turn head-down — the optimal fetal positioning!

But the Webster technique isn’t about turning breech babies. It’s about creating the ideal environment for the breech baby to do what it does best — grow, develop, and move into the optimal position for birth!

webster technique

When Should Pregnant Women Undergo the Webster Technique?

Ideally, a pregnant woman should start seeing a chiropractor trained in the Webster technique as early in her pregnancy as possible. Think of it like a preventative measure — just as you eat well and exercise regularly to keep your body strong and healthy, you’ll want to maintain balance in your pelvis throughout pregnancy to support a more comfortable birthing experience.

But, even if you’re already midway through your pregnancy, or even in the final stretch, it’s never too late to start! The technique can still be beneficial, even late in the pregnancy.

There’s no specific ‘end date’ for the Webster technique either. Many women continue to see their chiropractor postpartum to help their bodies recover from the physical challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. It’s like taking your car in for service after a long road trip. You want to make sure everything’s still running smoothly!

What is the Success Rate of the Webster Technique?

A study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reported that the Webster technique had an 82% success rate in resolving a breech presentation.

But, it’s important to remember that every pregnancy is unique. What works great for one woman might not work as well for another. The key is to work with a chiropractor experienced in the Webster technique and to maintain open communication with them throughout the process.

Are There Any Risks Associated With the Webster Technique?

The Webster technique, like most chiropractic techniques, is considered low-risk. The adjustments involved are gentle and specific, focusing on your pelvis and surrounding muscles and ligaments to reduce tension and balance your body.

Any physical therapy, including chiropractic care, does carry minimal risks. Some pregnant women experience temporary soreness or discomfort after their treatment. However, the pregnant woman’s body is adjusting to the changes wrought by the technique, which can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable.

More serious complications, though, like injuries, are extremely rare, especially when the technique is performed by a trained, experienced chiropractor.


Searching for a Webster-Certified Chiropractor? Look No Further Than Dr. Doerr!

If you’re interested in trying the Webster technique, chat with a chiropractor who’s trained in this method. They’ll be able to answer any questions and help you weigh the risks and benefits to make the best decision for you and your baby. Remember, mama, you’re in the driver’s seat here!

At Bergen Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation Center, our chiropractic team, led by Dr. Gregory Doerr, adheres to the highest and most professional medical standards to provide superior chiropractic help. Our mission is to provide unparalleled patient care and services in a comfortable healing atmosphere. 

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